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About Fraische Games

Small indie game development studio based in Florida, USA. I think that the app store is saturated with a lot of the same type of content, so something different is what I hope to make. It's just me trying to balance sound, art, music, gameplay, and story. Still new to game development, but bear with me and feel free to send me an email!
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New Android Gaming Experiences.

Create memorable games for mobile devices. Experiment with different ideas.

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Music is important

I’ve been writing music using Reason 5 for about 10 years so might as well put it to use if I can.

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Dreams to Reality (kinda)

Most of the game ideas come from weird dreams that I have. So buckle up.

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No in-game purchases.

What you see is what you get. No in-app purchases in our games. There are paid versions of the full game, or a free ad-supported version. Although ads don’t really make any money so I will probably just get rid of most of them.

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Strengths and areas of improvement

lets make some games!
"I hate pay-to-win games."

There are plenty of pay-to-win, pay-to-play, get your credit card out to progress, better fork over some money for the rest of the game mobile apps out there. We don't really like playing those games. Here, we think that if you really like the game, pay for it or watch a couple of ads. The current mobile game market really has become saturated with games that follow the same formula as one another. I want to make the type of games that I would want to play.

  • Since we are new to object-oriented programming, this is a skill that we are continuously trying to improve. We are always looking for help in this area!

  • We have experience with audio production, but are in the process of learning new methods and technology in order to improve the overall gaming experience in our apps!

  • The art we create, be it 2d or 3d, comes from stories that we create through dream analysis. As big fans of Carl Jung, we are interested in the subconcious and what dreams reveal about humanity.

  • As game developers, we have limited time and money for marketing. Any help gaining exposure for our apps is always appreciated, even if it's just a social mention or a blog post!

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