Why develop 2D instead of a 3D mobile game

Converting a classic console game to a mobile game can often be a challenging process.

2d 2.5d 3d mobile game

It’s a risky move, whenever any company tries to convert a tried-and-true counsole game, especially if it’s a favorite, into a mobile game. Social Point, a gaming company you may or may not be familiar with, has released a 3-D platform are called Dragon Land. This company was the company that created Dragon City and World Chess. The new game, Dragon Land, is a free download on both android and iPhone. The game itself is optimized to run smoothly across both platforms in both new and old devices. That’s also an accomplishment, considering that they used Unity to create it. The goal here for social point was to create a new gaming experience on mobile like a catered to new gamers as well as people who like old school games.

The plot, if you’ve ever played the game, it goes like this.

There are floating islands were dragons live, in these dragons are pretty carefree and they produce golden gems on their floating islands. That is, until the bad guy shows up. His name is evil boss borg. He kidnaps all the dragons and all the golden gems. There’s only one survivor, a little dragon named Blaze. How fitting is that? Anyway, Blaze swears that he will rescue all this friends and seeing as he was the only one that survive the assault, and it is his bravery on the can rescue his friends from the evil cause of evil boss borg and his group of other evil bosses. So you follow blaze through the land of dragons and level by level you fight to get his friends back and get the dragons golden gems back as well.

The experience is designed to bring back the classic console games nostalgia. You do the standard running gliding, climbing, jumping, and fighting that you did in the original game. It’s one of those games that’s hard to get perfect, but it’s easy to pick up and start playing. The controls are pretty intuitive and it’s not that hard to get started, but it is hard to beat the game.

There multiplayer modes as well as quick play challenges in addition to the standard campaign mode. The networking engine called Photon was picked by social point to use to facilitate there multiplayer mechanics.

Social point is on record as admitting that it is very difficult to create this kind of experience on a mobile device. But unlike other fly-by-night mobile game companies, social planus but the time and actually create something that works.

Social point was founded in 2008 and has a long list of games currently in production and being released. They have over 5 million daily users on both Apple and android stories and three big hits currently. Recent annual revenues have topped the hundred million dollars for social point. There’s a whopping 280 people working for the company which is headquartered in Barcelona Spain.

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