Firefox Focus Mobile Software Review Part 2

focus web browser

It’s a really, really good way to simplify mobile web.

ll those ads that include tracking codes are removed. That doesn’t’ mean you’ll never see an ad; sometimes on certain sites there are some that are gonna pop up no matter what you do. If you just switch away from the app it also can remember your browsing session so in order to completely clear it hit The Erase button or actually close the application itself. This is just because sometimes you would want to switch to another app real quickly but also be able to go back to your browsing. It’s not a security flaw or anything like that.
The only navigation buttons you are going to get are the back and forward buttons and a globe icon that will take you to the full Firefox at the app store. Some things that people might not like about this are that there are no tabs. You can’t use tabs at all. That means you can only see one site at a time. You can’t switch between different sites at the same time. Every time you want to sign into account you have to remember your password and you have to type it and each time on each site as well.

You can’t use added-on keyboards either.

If you have a certain keyboard that you like to use, that you want to use in all your apps, you are not to be able to use it in Firefox Focus. It doesn’t integrate with anything like that.

If you’ve ever used Tor or VPN, you know that sometimes your security will come at the cost of losing some speed. A lot of times that people use VPNs or TOR they notice that it takes a little bit longer to load each webpage than it would on a normal device with a normal connection. When one Firefox Focus was actually tested there wasn’t a huge difference between using Safari or anything else from anything like that, not for just normal Internet browsing. Using video and stuff like that should be pretty similar on Firefox Focus as it is on everything else. Plus you don’t get the extra ads, things like that that the phone or the computer would need to load normally.

This app is really all about privacy, not about features.

Browsers for the longest time and always been focused on new features and this and that which are all just different things that people can use to track you at the end of the day. I guess it really depends on what you want to use it for- if you have certain searches that you don’t want people tracking or you just want a private  browsing experience generally . If you don’t want others listening  this might be the way to go. The regular browser Firefox, or Safari, or Chrome or anything like that are still great and they still offer their own anonymity, but is not the same kind of thing you get with Firefox Focus and it is important to know and to keep in mind.

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